Collins Aerospace

Dear Collins Aerospace / UTC Employee,

Aerospace employees make up a substantial portion of our clientele. As a result, over the years we've gained an abundance of experience helping them achieve their financial goals.

At Balanced Investment Company, we know you spend your life working to accumulate and grow your assets along with your successful career. But, a host of unpredictable variables, from Covid-19 to a volatile market to ever-changing tax policies and increasing health care costs, pose significant challenges as you approach your retirement.

The thought of retirement can be overwhelming.

Where do you begin? How long you have to keep working?

How much money will you need? How will you manage Health care costs?

How will you lower your substantial future tax liabilities due to different sources of income and required minimum distribution (RMD)?

Which pension options would you choose?

When is the best time to start your social security benefits to increase income and lower taxes?

With appropriate planning, we strive to increase your income, reduce your taxes, and leave more to your loved ones and your community. You may not have had time to pay close attention to your own complex financial affairs.

You have an opportunity to address some of the above concerns, and many more to prepare you for an uncertain time. It’s important that you consider the following strategies prior to making the final retirement decision:

  • Retirement Income Planning, and tax-efficient cash-flow distribution strategy based on sequence of assets
  • Social Security Optimization Strategy
  • Pension Planning for efficient Options
  • 401(k) Strategies for preservation of principal, income and growth (both for Pre-tax, and after-tax contributions/distributions)
  • Assessing Risk Management-Healthcare expenses, Medicare, and Long-term care planning
  • IRAs and Roth IRAs distribution and conversation strategies
  • Tax Harvesting Strategies for Non-Retirement Assets

I would like to personally invite you to start a conversation and schedule your complimentary consultation. Please reach us at (319)-409-1653 or schedule a meeting below.

I'm looking forward to our conversation!


Suresh Basnet, MBA

Founder, Portfolio Manager

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Disclosure: Investment advisory services offer through Balanced Investment Advisors, LLC, registered in Iowa State. Neither Balanced Investment Company (BIC) nor Balanced Investment Advisors, LLC(BIA) provide tax or legal advice. BIC or BIA consultants are not affiliated with or controlled by UTC/Collins Aerospace. You should consult with a professional regarding your individual situation prior to making any decisions.