Charitable Planning

At Balanced Investment Company, we place great faith in the idea that both building monetary capital and the dignity of human capital can co-exist.

In 2008, our founder Suresh Basnet was one of the many victims of the flooding here in Cedar Rapids; so we know first-hand the devastation natural disasters can bring and place great value in giving back to our local and global communities.

Our own charitable work reflects this belief. In 2008 we assisted in the recovery efforts after the flood and we have helped in spearheading efforts to rebuild schools in response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

In that spirit we want to offer our clients the same opportunity to do the most good with their generosity. By making use of the numerous financial tools available for charitable planning, we can benefit not only the altruistic causes of your choosing, but also you as the benefactor and future generations in a way which fits seamlessly with all other aspects of your plan.