Our Unique Process

The Balanced Life Index


Find Meaning in your money

Financial planning isn't just about money, it's connected to everything in our lives. At Balanced Investment Company, we know no two people are alike. It's why we are passionate about understanding the things that make you who you are as a person, elements such as your vision and values. This is why we created the Balanced Life Index™. The Balanced Life Index is a tool we use to discover where you are and track your journey to a balanced financial life.

What is your financial journey?


Step One: Envision

We believe that true wealth is greater than money. It's about putting your vision in motion. That's why our financial planning process begins by asking you about your needs, your goals, and your expectations, then reviewing any factors which may impact them. Then we gather your financial data for analysis.



With your financial data in hand, we identify wealth sources, risk tolerance, current assets, and time horizons. We then develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and circumstances to help you accumulate, protect, and distribute your wealth.



Our next step is to translate that vision into an achievable plan. Through consistent communication, we build a hard copy, ensuring it meets all your requirements. Once we have provided you a written financial plan, a guidebook to help you navigate and take charge of your journey, we review it with you for your approval.


Step Four: Implement

With our team on your side, your financial goals will develop from a general strategy to a fully integrated plan of action. Leveraging our diverse skills in financial planning, investment management, insurance, and tax and estate planning strategies, our key personnel quickly implement the plan and allow you to return to your life with clarity and confidence.


Step Five: Monitor

Over time, we prepare periodic reports that compare performance with objectives and regularly review the plan to insure it is still in concert with your needs. As the circumstances of your life evolve, we make adjustments to the plan whenever necessary so you can maintain balance in your financial life.