Investment Management

Are you chasing numbers or are you building wealth?

At Balanced Investment Company, we believe that your investment portfolio should be tailored to your personal circumstances. That's why we interview you and review your current financial situation to determine the optimal allocation strategy. We partner with dynamic third-party money managers to put global resources at your disposal. We place every plan through our rigorous process to ensure your investment is appropriately positioned to both protect your investment and generate growth.

Values-Based Investing

As values-based advisors, we at Balanced Investment Company maintain a core commitment to the idea that your investments should reflect what you believe in. Over the years, we have developed a method of screening where we invest money not only for growth, but in accordance with our client's core values, as well as our own.

When we put together your personalized portfolio, know that we sift out investments in sources which harm our communities or the ideals which are most important to you: such as Human Rights, Predatory Lending, Animal Welfare, and Environmental degradation.